Assisting developers

Identimark helps all key stakeholders in the development of solar farms to benefit through savings in cost, time, and maintenance.

We partner with developers to provide designs and specifications for required labelling, ensuring they are compliant and that products used on their utility scale solar farm last for the life of their asset. This is essential to enable the developer to have zero maintenance or replacement costs, and to prevent the solar farm becoming non-compliant.

Step 1 – Contact us

Developers can contact Identimark to find out how they can ensure they save on ongoing maintenance costs and ensure they are compliant when developing a solar farm project

Step 2 – Provide details

Provide Identimark with the details of the solar farm size, location and layout, and what other equipment types will be used on the project

Step 3 – Specifying

From the solar farm information supplied, we provide a package that includes labelling and signage designs and specifications for labelling, cable labels and PV cable clips to be used to ensure contractors deliver on the developer’s desired outcomes, and save them overall costs and ongoing maintenance.

Step 4 – Delivery and fulfilment

Identimark will follow up with the designers, engineers and contractors to ensure the developers’ requirements are being met and that installation is done in a way that will save time and maintenance.

Equipment Labelling

Identifying your assets and equipment quickly and clearly for their lifetime is essential to ensure compliance for any utility scale solar project.

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Cable Labelling

Identifying your cables quickly and clearly is essential for timely fault-location on any utility scale solar project.

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PV Cable Clips

Attaching PV cables to the back of solar panels quickly and securely is essential for all utility scale solar projects.

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Services We Provide

  • Recommendations and proposals including timelines, costing, design, production, delivery and installation
  • On-site audit of signage requirements
  • On-site consultation
  • Programmed reviews and management
  • Row/rack labelling
  • Combiner box labelling
  • Transformer labelling
  • PCU labelling
  • Tracker labelling
  • PPE signage
  • Fence signage
  • Stainless outdoor cable labelling
  • Plastic cable labelling
  • Core marker / ferrule labelling
  • Cable ties / attachments
  • PV cable clip – 2 cable
  • PV cable clip – 4 cable
  • PV cable clip – 90/180 degree 2 cable
  • PV cable clip – 90 degree 4 cable